• CATEGORIES:Digital Art, Animation, 3D
  • WHAT'S THAT?:2D/3D Animation Film (german)
  • MADE WITH: Handmade, Photoshop, 3dsmax, AfterEffects, Premiere

Ein Haus - Ein Jahrhundert

An animated film about a house and its inhabitants over the years. With its very own style and loving details, the 10-minute film tells the fate of the Betzel family in the context of German history from 1900 to 1918.

The production of the film was very time-consuming, as all textures are handmade with watercolours. There is no cut in the whole film. I created the house in 3dsmax to be able to play better with the light. The different states of the house are matte paintings. For the characters we created 3D models as a basis.

My department was:
3D visualisation incl. matte paintings, artstyle & production, charakter design & rigging, 2D/3D animation, printstuff

HERE you can see the full film.


Ein Haus - Ein Jahrhundert (Teil 1) Booklet



Script: Christopher Nussbaumer, Miriam Konstanzer
Storyboard: Christopher Nussbaumer
Director: Christopher Nussbaumer
Cutter: Christopher Nussbaumer
Cutter Making-Of: Christopher Nussbaumer

Artsytle: Miriam Konstanzer
Charakter Design: Miriam Konstanzer, Christopher Nussbaumer
Footage: Miriam Konstanzer, Christopher Nussbaumer

Rigging: Miriam Konstanzer
Animation: Miriam Konstanzer, Christopher Nussbaumer
3D Stuff: Miriam Konstanzer
Matte Paintings: Miriam Konstanzer

Sound: Marco Schnebel
Speaker: Birgitt Kindler, Wolfram Nussbaumer, Sven Voss, Bernadette Gandaa, Annika Lorenz

Printstuff: Miriam Konstanzer
Historical research: Christopher Nussbaumer, Miriam Konstanzer
Historical review: Severin Beyer
Sponsors: 3Dconnexion, Adobe, Uhu


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